Introduction to ESOLTHON

The ESOLTHON is now over, and we made a small site! Have a look:

The ESOLTHON was a hackathon over a weekend, kindly hosted by Makespace Cambridge. We were a team of 8, looking at challenges faced by people teaching English to refugees.

We heard some testimony from a number of teachers, primarily Ila who is running the Talk English course here. The evidence indicated that it would be very useful for teachers to have a way of searching through resources to find particular ones which:

  1. Match a particular level of skill
  2. Cover a particular topic
  3. Engage a particular faculty of English literacy

Therefore we built the prototype site (using Google Sites and Awesome Table) to help navigate a set of resources by filtering them along these lines. Some of the team were setting up the filter tool and the page template, while others looked for resources and images that could be supplied.

Thanks to everyone who came along to take part in the first ever ESOLTHON!